5 Reasons Baron Bigod Cheese Should be on Your Christmas Table

5 Reasons Baron Bigod Cheese Should be on Your Christmas Table

Creating a wonderful Christmas cheese board can be a difficult task when trying to fit together an array of cheeses which all go well with the Christmas season. 

Including Baron Bigod cheese in your Christmas cheese board will add the extra texture and taste of a traditional brie-style cheese and also give that look of elegance and poise. 

What is Baron Bigod?

Baron Bigod cheese is the only current raw milk brie-style cheese being crafted here in the UK. It first originated at the Fen Farm Dairy, owned by Jonny Crickmore. The recipe of Baron Bigod followed the Brie de Meaux recipe, produced by a French cheesemaker.

Baron Bigod has a rich, nutty flavour with a smooth breakdown that oozes over a fresh, citrusy centre. It will have your mouth watering and longing for more. 

To produce this great, one of a kind cheese, it is handcrafted early in the morning - this allows for raw milk to be used that is still warm as it has just been milked from the cow. 

Once the mould cultures are added and the morning milk is gravity fed into small vats, the curds are then hand-ladeld into larger moulds which then are left to age for up to 8 weeks.

Here at The Cheese Emporium, we like to understand the process in which the cheeses we choose arrive at your table. The first priority is finding farms which produce good quality cheeses in ethical ways; the Fen Farm Dairy does just this. 

Their cows live on a rich marshland basin, allowing them to be free-ranging, and they are fed a homegrown pasture and also forage on the grounds beneath. They do this as they believe, and it’s true, that happy cows both live longer and produce better quality milk.

Why is it called Baron Bigod?

The land where Fen Farm Dairy now stands was once owned by the 12th Earl of Norfolk - he was called Baron Bigod. 

This is why the cheese was named this, in an attempt to honour the 12th Earl. 

Why Baron Bigod Brie should feature on your Christmas table

Our 5 reasons why you should add this cheese to your festive spread this Christmas:

  • Perfect bubbly match
  • Whether you like to drink a traditional Christmas white wine, like sauvignon or a pinot grigio, or you’re popping open the bubbles, the Baron Bigod brie is a perfect match to both these beverages.

  • Warm and cosy
  • Wanting a great evening cuddling up with blankets and cushions watching films? A Baron Bigod brie is a perfect afternoon or evening snack to watch a classic Christmas film with; simply pair with some tiger bread and dip in the brie.

  • Perfect centrepiece
  • Setting up a fancy cheese and charcuterie board can help you impress the family. The Baron Bigod brie is a perfect centrepiece to your charcuterie and cheese board.

  • Healthy fruit pairing
  • Eating all day everyday is what we all tend to do over the Christmas holiday. A healthier way to do this is with Baron Bigod brie and some fruit, like pears or apples. These two fruits, and many others, match perfectly with your chosen brie.

  • Seasonally available
  • The Baron Bigod is a seasonally available brie and is usually in time for Christmas and the winter months. It is better to shop and eat seasonal foods, as producing foods out of their season has an impact on climate change. 

    How do you serve the Baron Bigod at Christmas?

    There are so many ways that you can serve a Baron Bigod Brie. There are even better ways to serve it over the cold, Christmas period:

    • Eat it as it is, sliced and placed onto crackers for Christmas Day supper.

    • Pile it onto some bread with leftover Christmas dinner, tangy cranberries and pop it in the toastie maker for the perfect Boxing Day treat!

    • Wrap it in tinfoil and pop it in the oven for 10 mins on medium heat, then take out and dip crusty bread into the gooey centre for a cosy winter dinner.
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