Do you Have a Cheese Board Before or After Dessert?

Do you Have a Cheese Board Before or After Dessert?

Do the French eat cheese before or after dessert?

Traditionally during a French meal, cheese is served after the main course and before dessert. The French don’t like to end a meal on a savoury note, which is why they always follow it with something sweet, even if this is just a few grapes. 


When should a cheese platter be served?

Since most cheese can be quite rich, eating it before your meal could spoil your appetite, which is why a cheese platter is usually served after the main course. Cheese boards can also aid digestion after a heavy main course.  


Is a cheese board an entree?

A general rule of thumb is that cheese boards should not be used as an entree. Usually cheese boards consist of a few different cheeses, crackers and a small amount of accompaniments which typically isn’t enough food to class as a main course. 

If you wish to have a cheese board as an entree, you should add additional elements such as meats, breads and fruit. These will help to make your guests feel fuller and more satisfied with the meal. 


Do you have a cheese board before or after dessert?

As mentioned, it's traditional in France to have a cheese board before dessert. Yet, in British tradition, cheese was served after dessert with a glass of port as a sweet and savoury mix.

However, neither of these traditions are set in stone, so realistically you could have your cheese board whenever you wish during your meal.


Should cheese be eaten before or after dinner?

Cheese boards can be quite heavy and rich, which is why they are typically served after the main course. Many people refrain from eating cheese before the main course so they don’t lose their appetite. 


Is a cheese board a starter or dessert?

Traditionally, cheese boards were neither a starter or dessert.  Recently with more people enjoying sharing platters and charcuterie boards, a cheese board has become increasingly popular as any course in a meal. 

As long as the cheese board isn’t too filling before a main course, or too savoury for a dessert, your guests will be more than happy to tuck into it!


What do you serve after a cheese board?

In French etiquette, a cheese board is usually accompanied by the remainder of red wine from the main course and some fruit, which sometimes acts as the dessert of a meal. 

After a cheese board, your guests may be feeling full so it’s a good idea to keep dessert light such as fruit or sorbets, which can also act as palette cleansers. Alternatively, a glass of dessert wine may do the trick!

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