Our Gift Guide for Cheese Lovers

Our Gift Guide for Cheese Lovers

At The Cheese Emporium, there is a variety of choices when it comes to gift selection for your friends, family and even colleagues. A cheese gift box is the perfect gift for any cheese lover for any occasion; whether it's birthdays, christmas or even just to say thank you. 

All the work has been done for you, as each box has been designed to suit any cheese lover or foodie. As a bonus, all items within each box are sourced from the producers themselves or from local butchers. 


Top 5 gifts for cheese lovers

We’ve pulled together a list of our top 5 cheese gift boxes for all the cheese lovers out there - we’ve got an option available for everyone!


The Lancashire Cheese Box

The Lancashire One Cheese Board for Delivery

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Lancashire is a cheese loving county for sure. This box gets most of its goodies from Lancashire, meaning that it's mainly locally sourced. There is only one item which is not from Lancashire, and that’s the Trealy Farm Monmouthshire air dried ham (which is just too good not to include!). 

Also included in this box is a handmade pork pie, which is said to be the best pork pie you’ve ever tasted. There is a handmade Happy Belly scotch egg and of course, numerous crackers. 

The cheeses included have been selected carefully yet perfectly. Garstang White is a super creamy cheese with a rich flavour as it is made through Jersey cow milk. 

Mrs Kirkhams Lancashire cheese has also been chosen - it is still made to the same 70 year old recipe with milk from their very own Holstein Friesian cows! The cheese is cloth bound and then allowed to mature for 2 to 6 months, giving the cheese a rich but very mild tang. 

If you or the person receiving this gift loves blue cheese, they’ll love Nicky Nook cheese. It is a blue cheese that has an amazing smooth texture with an orange hue. 

The Charcuterie Cheese Board 

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Charcuterie is a french delicacy - combining all different cured meats makes for a great early-evening lunch. This is exactly what we’ve achieved with this very box. We are happy to say that, here at The Cheese Emporium, we have spent just over 6 years searching for the best places to purchase our chosen meats from. 

This was done in an attempt to find ethically produced charcuterie. All of our meats come from the Trealy Farm as they are second to none when it comes to producing meat products ethically. 

The charcuterie box has been put together using items made all over the UK. The finest ingredients have combined both innovation and traditional artisan methods to make a flavour packed box. 

Included are two varieties of charcuterie, course garlic paté and a selection of three cheeses. The first cheese selected is Rachel cheese - this semi firm goats cheese has a sweet and nutty flavour which fortunately, lingers on your tastebuds. 

Baron Bigod cheese is the only raw milk brie made in the UK. This gooey cheese goes perfectly with the selected charcuterie. 

The third cheese in the box has been named, officially, the best cheese in the world 3 times running! Starnachas has a nutty, sweet and robust taste like no other. This box is for the meat lovers.


The Veggie Cheese Board

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We’d hate for our veggie friends to be missing out on our wonderful and tasty packed boxes. For this reason, we’ve put together a meat free box. 

This vegetarian cheese gift box includes a scotch egg and a pie! The scotch egg ‘outer shell’ is made from sweet potato and goat's cheese. The chosen pie is a cheese and onion pie from the Great North Pie Company. 

The cheeses selected are Waterloo, Ogden original and Baby Perl Las. Waterloo cheese is soft, rich and buttery. This texture and taste has been acquired by using Guernsey Cows milk. 

The Ogden Original is made quite local to us at the Cheese Emporium; it is made in Preston by Sandham cheesemakers. It is a cheese close to cheddar and leaves a salty flavour in your mouth. 

Baby Perl Las is a blue cheese from Wales. The name itself is Welsh and translates to Blue Pearl. The more mature this cheese gets, the more golden it becomes and the more the taste gets stronger. 

This box is the unique gift your vegetarian friends are unknowingly waiting for. As a bonus, all animals are treated ethically correct when milking. 

The Boujee Cheese Board

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Included in the Boujee cheese gift box is a selection of the four main cheeses: goats cheese, soft cheese, hard cheese and blue cheese. 200g of each cheese selected is put into the box. 

The specific cheeses included change depending on what cheeses are in season at the time of ordering. To compliment the cheeses are a selection of the Fine Cheese Company artisan crackers and toasts, as well as a jar of our very own chutney and some artisan pickles. 

Do you have friends or family which just go on and on about cheese, or even know someone on a diet? The Boujee One is the best fit for them. Goats cheese is one of the best cheeses when it comes to dieting as it is light but quite filling. 

If they are a cheese lover and are the type that will try everything and anything, then this box is perfect as for some people, the contents of this box may seem a little obscure (but delicious!).

The English Raclette Cheese Box

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This box includes a Tunworth Camembert; an english camembert that is said to be so much better than any french camembert. It also includes Trealy Farm beech air-dried ham and pickles which can be put together with bake-at-home petit pains, along with some camembert to make a great cosy treat. 

This camembert box is perfect for a special christmas gift to give to those friends who are in need of a cosy night in to treat themselves. It could also be the perfect thank you to the person hosting christmas dinner and be used as a post dinner snack.

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