Which Cheeses are Lowest in Fat?

Which Cheeses are Lowest in Fat?

Trying to eat healthy cheese can be some people’s downfall, and we don’t blame you! Most cheeses have large amounts of saturated fats, so when a lot of certain cheeses are consumed, it can have negative consequences on your gut. 

Knowing which cheeses are lowest in fat can really help those on a diet or trying to eat healthier.

What is low fat cheese?

Low fat cheese is cheese that is made with 2% milk. Some cheeses are naturally lower in fat than other cheeses; these include semi-skimmed mozzarella, string cheeses and neufchatel. 

The lowest fat of all the cheeses is mozzarella. As well as being the lowest, it also has fewer calories than cheeses made with cow’s milk. 

Is there fat-free cheese?

When it comes to fat-free cheese, there are a few options. Certain grocery stores have an availability of some fat-free cheeses, such as cheddar and cottage cheese, which are both made fat free using 0% or skimmed milk. 

For more of a healthy alternative, you can pick up vegan or plant based cheeses from certain supermarkets which allows you to avoid saturated fats completely. 

Healthy properties of cheese

We all know that drinking milk benefits your bones as it is filled with calcium which helps to strengthen them; well, cheese does the same as it is also packed with calcium. Not only will the calcium strengthen your bones, it will also decrease your chances of osteoporosis as you get older.

There is also a large amount of beneficial vitamins within cheese. These include vitamins A, D, K and Zinc. All of these also help with bone development. 

CLA is also found in cheese - this naturally occurring fatty acid helps ease inflammation anywhere within and on the body. 

Can eating low-fat cheese help you lose weight?

It will benefit you to include low-fat cheese in your low-fat diet, especially if you are calorie counting.

When consuming calcium rich and low fat cheese, studies have proven that it can help to slightly increase the amount of weight you lose and simultaneously, increase bone strength.


Which cheese has the lowest fat?

Cheeses with the lowest fat are cottage cheeses, which are made with either 2% or 1% milk, meaning that they have either 0.4 or 0.2 grams of saturated fat per ounce of cheese. 

What is the healthiest cheese?

Mozzarella is the healthiest cheese out of the lot, containing both a low amount of fat and a minimal amount of calories. 

When made from buffalo’s milk instead of cow’s milk, it contains a smaller amount of calories overall. As an added bonus, mozzarella is also great for your immune system as it contains ‘Lactobacillus Fermentum’, a probiotic. 

During a 2019 study, it was proven that this natural probiotic can help to prevent respiratory infections and can also lower cholesterol.


Tips for eating cheese on a diet

The best thing to do when eating cheese and any other dairy products on a diet is to check the nutritional content, as the amount of fat within these types of products vary a lot. 

Allowing yourself to eat the right cheeses when on a diet can provide you with great amounts of calcium and protein, which will help in creating a healthy and balanced diet. 

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