There are almost 2,000 different types of cheese and countless variations of wine; so how do you know what to pair each one with? Don't worry, our resident cheese and wine experts have created a list of the best pairings, from goats cheese and a classic Sauvignon to the nutty Starnachas with a fruity Zinfandel.

Our Favourite

The Lancashire One

Garstang - Chardonnay pairs beautifully with the earthy tones of the cheese. The rich & gooey cheese is complemented perfectly with the cool crispness and slightly buttery notes in the chardonnay.

Mrs Kirkhams - Pinot Noir is a great shout for Mrs Kirkhams, the cheese has a full flavour which can easily carry the medium body style of the Pinot Noir. An especially delicious combo when the Pinot has been aged in French oak giving it notes of vanilla.

Nicky Nook - Perfect with a full bodied Malbec. Full of fruity, berry flavours the Malbec complements the creamy, tangy blue perfectly.

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Deliciously Fresh

The Charcuterie One

Rachel - Goats cheese and a light fresh New Zealand Sauvignon is (in our opinion) possibly one of the best cheese & wine pairings there is. The fresh grassy flavours in both blend so perfectly. This really is a taste sensation.

Baron Bigod - Another rich buttery cheese so you’re best going with something rounded, sparkling wines or champagne offer a gorgeous mix of flavours, really accentuating the creaminess in this delicious cheese.

Starnachas - Officially the best cheese in the world, bold and nutty, the Starnachas pairs beautifully with a ripe and fruity Californian red such as Zinfandel. The sweetness of the wine and the nuttiness of the cheese marrying perfectly.

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Vegetarian delight

The Veggie One

Waterloo - This ripe sand punchy soft cheese can stand the richer flavours of a Beaujolais, the wine has a refreshing acidity which cuts through the buttery notes, and the low tannins mean there’s no clash of flavour.

Ogden Original - This rich, salty and creamy cheese works well with a ripe and bold Cabernet Sauvignon.

Baby Perl Las - This creamy, salty, tangy little number is just perfect with a sweeter wine like Sauternes.  If you’ve never tried a blue cheese with dessert wine then now is your chance, prepare to be blown away!

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