What is a birthday cheese board box?

A birthday cheese board box is a cheese gift specifically designed and created to celebrate birthdays. 

Our birthday cheese grazers make the perfect addition to any birthday party or celebration. Filled to the brim with goodies from The Cheese Emporium, they are the perfect party pleaser including a mix of cheeses, meats, antipasti, fruit and nibbles. 

Our grazing boxes come in any letter or number shaped box you wish, making them fully customisable to suit your loved ones’ special day. 

Cheese and Charcuterie Number and Letter Boxes

Both our Occasion Grazer and Mini Occasion Grazer boxes can come in any letter or number shaped box you wish, making them the ultimate centrepiece for any party table.

The opportunities are endless. You could have a ‘60’ cheese board box for that special birthday, or you could get letters spelling ‘MUM’ or ‘DAD’ for a large birthday party for parents.

Each one of our number and letter charcuterie boxes we make are carefully handcrafted, meaning no two birthday grazing boxes will be the same.

We can even make the boxes vegetarian using a variety of our different veggie goodies, ideal for a vegetarian birthday party.

What kind of cheese board should I get for a birthday party?

If you want to stray away from the traditional cheese boards, we recommend choosing a shaped occasion grazing box for the best birthday party surprise. 

A great birthday cheese board will contain an assortment of different cheeses, meats, fruits and nibbles for guests to enjoy and snack on throughout a birthday celebration. 

Can I get a cheese board number or letter delivered?

Yes, at The Cheese Emporium we can ship any one of our cheese number or letter boards nationwide across the UK. 

We carefully handpack all of our orders, ensuring the safest delivery possible. All you need to do is take it out the delivery box and present it to your lucky recipient!

What is included in an occasion cheese board box?

Our Occasion Grazer contains a variety of delicious goodies, including homemade Pork Pies, Happy Belly Scotch Egg, 3 different Artisan cheeses, charcuterie, antipasti, crackers, fruit and chutney. 

Our smaller Mini Occasion Grazers will feed 2-3 people and contain Artisan cheeses, Happy Belly Scotch Egg, cured meats, antipasti, fruit and nibbles. 

Both cheese grazers make the ultimate unique treat for your loved one's birthday party.