Whether you have a family event, a corporate gathering or an appreciation day for your employees, our locally sourced cheese sharing platters make the perfect addition to any event.


What is a cheese sharing platter?

A cheese sharing platter, also known as a charcuterie platter, is a large board or spread of a variety of cheese, meats, jams and chutneys, pickled vegetables, fresh fruit, crackers and sometimes even nuts. 

Cheese sharing platters have a variety of flavour, textures, colours and shapes. All of the different foods added to a cheese board platter are intentionally included to compliment one another, making it the perfect addition to any social gathering. 

Can I get a cheese sharing platter delivered to my home?

Yes, at The Cheese Emporium we can deliver larger cheese platters to any location of mainland UK, excluding NI.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on one of our tasty sharing platters, enquire today and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The Charcuterie and Cheese Sharing Platter

Our luxury, flavoursome charcuterie, made locally in the UK, combines traditional artisan cheeses and meats with the finest ingredients, ethically sourced and delicious.

In this sharing platter, you will get two varieties of Trealy Farm Charcuterie, Course Garlic Paté and three of our favourite in-season cheeses.

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What makes a good cheese sharing platter?

The secret of what makes a good cheese sharing platter is variety. Not only do you want to give your friends, family or colleagues a treat on the taste buds, it should be visually appealing too. 

Adding a mix of cheeses, meats, crackers, chutneys and pickled vegetables allows for a creation of endless flavour and texture combinations to be enjoyed and shared. 

Try not to overthink the creation of a cheese board platter, sometimes the messier and more rustic looking the better!

How should I present a cheese board sharing platter?

Presenting a cheese sharing platter is relatively easy, and when done correctly, you should be able to see each individual element of the platter with just a glance. 

Our cheese and meat platters come pre-presented from delivery, meaning all you need to do is put it on a table ready for everyone to tuck into. However, if you do want to present the platters in a different way, we’ve outlined some of our top tips.

To make things a bit easier for yourself, start with the largest objects such as blocks of cheese, pots of chutney and sauces, and larger pieces of meat. 

Then you can move onto adding the filler items, such as crackers, fresh fruits, nuts and the smaller pieces of meat which can be clustered together. You can add in these smaller items as you wish; just make sure there is easy access to everything on the board!