Now more than ever, couples are opting for wedding grazing tables either during their big day or for the night-do.

It has become a popular choice due to the versatile nature of the foods featured that can please a wide number of guests.


Bespoke Grazing Tables for Weddings

At The Cheese Emporium, we have a wide range of bespoke grazing boards that make the perfect addition to any wedding.  Filled to the brim with goodies from our Emporium, your guests will love a grazing board as much as they love your special day.

Our grazing boards make the perfect centre-piece and talking point, allowing your guests to meet and mingle amongst each other.


What is a grazing table?

A grazing table is completely what the name suggested, a table of food for people to graze on! Grazing tables are a bit like buffets, but are instead full of different cheeses, meats, antipasti, fruit and vegetables, chutneys and sauces, crackers and nibbles. 

Grazing tables can be on any flat surface such as an actual table, wooden boards, slate plates or simply large platters. Food items are organised in a way to look visually appealing to the eye, and the key is to make it intentionally “messy”. 

This can include overlapping foods, foods arranged in piles and artfully intertwining with each other. Not only does the food taste delicious, but it also looks delicious too!


What kind of grazing tables can you have at a wedding?

Really, you can have whatever kind of grazing table you like at your wedding! 

A popular choice amongst many couples is a charcuterie board, which contains a mix of cured meats, different cheese and a variety of other foods to complement one another. The beauty of charcuterie boards is that there is normally enough variety, meaning that everyone at a wedding can enjoy the spread.

However, other popular choices include veggie grazing tables which contain a variety of vegetarian friendly cheeses and nibbles for everyone to enjoy. 

Vegetarian grazing boards make the perfect addition to any wedding and can be used in a number of ways such as a larger starter, a smaller main or even laid out as an evening buffet later on in the night.

Feel free to get in touch with us today to start planning your very own grazing table for your own wedding.