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Cheese Board at Home

The Boujee One

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Our Boujee box is for you really serious cheese fiends! There’s cheese lovers then there’s cheese LOVERS! If you’re the type that will try anything, the more obscure the better, then this is for you! Each month we speak to our cheese making pals and find out what’s tasting on point and send cheese goodness right to your door.  Included in your box...

A selection of the very best in season goat's cheese, soft cheese, hard cheese & blue cheese. Around 200g of each cheese.

The Fine Cheese Company Artisan Crackers & Toasts for Cheese

The Cheese Emporium Chutney

Artisan Pickles

Cheeses in the box

These change monthly depending on what is the best in season cheese at the time.

Care Instructions

Cheese is shipped in specially designed, insulated packaging but requires refrigeration as soon after delivery as possible to keep it fresh & tasty. Leave your cheese wrapped in the wax paper it is sent in until you're ready to enjoy it, any leftovers can be wrapped in the wax paper or cling filmed and stored in the fridge.

  • Locally Sourced Produce

    All our produce is locally sourced using only the finest ingredients

  • Hand Packed

    Every order is hand picked and packed with the utmost care ensuring the safe delivery of your wonderful cheese gift box.