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Cheese Board at Home

The Lancashire One

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We love Lancashire and to say there’s some tasty treats to be had in this gorgeous County is an understatement.

We’ve curated a collection of some of our absolute faves. Most produced locally on our doorstep.

Included in your box...

Butchers, Handmade Pork Pie, said to be the best pork pie you’ll ever taste!

Handmade Happy Belly Scotch Egg

Trealy Farm Monmouthshire Air Dried Ham (we know not strictly Lancashire but it is delicious so we’re in)

Cheeses in the box

Garstang White - A delicious Jersey Cows milk cheese, super creamy with a deliciously rich flavour.

Mrs Kirkhams Lancashire - Still made to the original 70 year old recipe, with milk from the family’s own heard of Holstein Friesian cows. This raw milk cheese is cloth bound and matured for 2-6 months resulting in a buttery, rich and very mildly lactic tang.

Garstang Blue - Lancashire's answer to blue cheese, Garstang Blue is a combination of a smooth creamy cheese with a mild blue taste.

Care Instructions

Cheese is shipped in specially designed, insulated packaging but requires refrigeration as soon after delivery as possible to keep it fresh & tasty. Leave your cheese wrapped in the wax paper it is sent in until you're ready to enjoy it, any leftovers can be wrapped in the wax paper or cling filmed and stored in the fridge. All meat products will have a 'Best Before' date to adhere too.

  • Locally Sourced Produce

    All our produce is locally sourced using only the finest ingredients

  • Hand Packed

    Every order is hand picked and packed with the utmost care ensuring the safe delivery of your wonderful cheese gift box.